For 19 year olds who haven’t dated yet.

Another year has gone by and you still haven't had the chance to say those 3 magical words. The realization of never having had someone waiting on the other end of the line, Never had the experience of kissing someone with a passion that evades any other you've known your whole life, or have someone... Continue Reading →


Romantic Playlist 101

Its February, the season of love and romantic gestures. Feb 14th is just a few days away but frankly I need to work on this assignment which I have to submit on the same day! SO in a way I can tell people that I'm gonna be really busy on that day 😉 It has... Continue Reading →

Brutal ugly truth as to why I always tend to attract men who don’t treat me right.

Twas’ had been a couple of good 2 weeks of texting back and forth, shy glances and sweet corny lines, I was starting to get quite confident and then BAM reality strikes. Why is it that I’ve always been unlucky in finding one decent human who sorta likes me and atleast for God’s sakes doesn’t... Continue Reading →

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