The evils of eve-teasing.

Eyes moving back and forth, examining every inch of my body as though it’s a normal day at the market, just buying vegetables.

Good tomatoes….Bad potatoes

Lucky me, I have been mastering the art of ignoring your presence and willing my mind to erase your existence ever since I hit puberty.

A graze on my left thigh, a deliberate push on my right shoulder as I exit a crowded area.

I still see you, you pervert.

Shamelessly you still gaze at me, with that all too familiar ugly lustful stare.

My eyes drop down to the floor, praying it opens up and eats you alive.

On a quite starry night, filthy thoughts encourage a string of lewd comments hurled straight at me, a dialogue or two from one of those infamous Bollywood films you watch,

“Chalti kya?”

Bile rises from within, I still keep a straight face.

Dare I say something back, will you not come back gutsy enough to do something worse?

Fear stops my hands from hitting you mercilessly till you forget there ever existed a woman you saw walking down the road,

All alone.


That gives you courage doesn’t it?

One peg whiskey, and you’re up to take on the task of reminding me of my gender.

No one can see what you’re up to,

But I wonder even if they did, would it make things any better for me?

From within I’m just screaming for all this to end, trying to make myself understand the root of all this fuss over a mere human like me,

maybe if I wore baggy clothes that cover my breasts you could have mistaken me for one of your own?

Maybe, its not your fault

I lured you in, with my juicy legs, dangling like pieces of meat at a butcher, for sale.

My dress was not the right length was it? Oh how stupid of me.

It’s clearly my mistake, I should have listened to the elders.

The Elders are always right,

much more experienced

more accustomed to silencing screams of an uproar.

Bollywood managed to curate a whole playlist of songs that you gladly hum on to as you walk on by to my left,

“Gandi  baat, gaandi ganndi baat”

But experience has mentored me to put on invisible earphones.

Earphones that take me someplace better, somewhere where I don’t have to watch you unzip your pants as you take pleasure from afar without my consent. It’s a free world says everyone, but nobody ever practices those virtues.

This is what a rape culture looks like, but either you are too blind or naïve to understand.

One day, it’s just eve-teasing, who can predict what might come next.

We need to wake up, make a choice of whether you still want to sleep through it all or stand up against this evil. Don’t encourage such behavior, engage in such a heinous act, or watch merrily as another of our own human race is victimized to a point of mental & physical torture.  Stand up against eve-teasing or any form of harassment against any gender, ethnicity or color. 


All my love,




7 thoughts on “The evils of eve-teasing.

  1. The first thing that needs to change is the media like movies and TV shows. They portrays eve teasing and commenting as something completely normal. They even have “item songs” glorifying it. The news media blames the women for the choice of clothing rather than the offenders. We need more people to write articles on such issues and make it a more talked about issue.

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    1. ktwritings

      Yes most definitely media is a really powerful outlet, I have watched documentaries where people shamelessly declare how women are the root cause of all sexual harassment cases. Like you said, we need to stand up and talk about such “taboo” topics.
      Thanks for your opinion! ☺️

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  2. You indeed put the horrendous situation in the most apt words. It’s really difficult for anyone to understand the frustration and trauma other than the one who has gone through it. The world needs to change and we are the world.
    Keep more of such posts coming. 😊

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